So you want a new bicycle. You need to take into consideration the effects that branding will have on your purchase. It is essential that you know more about high quality cycle manufacturers before you go out and buy a bike on your own. You might want a particular brand, but you need to also keep your mind open and not limit your options. It is important that you keep an open mind when looking for a bike, looking beyond brand names that you are familiar with.

You might be excited at the prospect of having a bike, and not gotten much beyond this point. All you know is you want to get one, have fun with it and get into better shape, etc. Yet you have to realize that there are several distinct types of bicycles to choose from. Think about where you intend to ride, how fast you want to go, how hilly it is, etc. You may be looking for a certain type of specialty bike, or one that’s usable in a variety of environments. Before you get a mountain bike, for example, think if you can use it near your house or if it’s a long drive to an appropriate spot. If you really want to get the most out of your bicycle, you should choose one that’s compatible with your immediate setting.

Test driving a bike, just like test driving a car, is something that can help you determine which bike you really want. To make sure the bike is a great fit for you and what you want to do with it, if you can find any way, test drive a bike to see if it works for you. If you can borrow a bike from a friend, and test drive it for a few days, you can get one if you like riding it. Sometimes people will allow you to rent bikes. By doing so, you can test drive one you have your heart set on. By test driving a bike, you can make your decision before you buy. This might not be an option for you, but you should try to do it anyway. That is something that does happen, and it is terrible being stuck with a bike you don’t want.

Not all frames are made for long distances, so if you plan to do touring, make sure you get a real touring frame. This kind of frame is unlike that of an ordinary bike, as it’s made for long distances. The drive train is an essential feature, so make sure it’s well made (though this can be expensive). You should look into drive trains so you can find one that suits your needs. The rear dropouts and fork and seat stays will have visible eyelets with a touring frame. These are holes used for mounting racks and can be found on any touring frame.

Some people like to choose custom styles for the bicycles. That is okay to do. People with a lot of experience doing this usually choose their bikes in this way. If you are new, you can get a reasonably priced cycle and enjoy it for years. Over time, you will learn more about bikes, and customize yours the way you want it.