Who doesn’t love travelling? All of us do. That is why it is important that we know certain tips to make our travelling a comfortable and a happy one. Here are some of the cheap and best backpacking tips that all of us have to know.

Do not stuff a lot:

As far as possible, keep your backpack light, and it will increase your travelling comfort. You need not have to carry too many clothes. It is enough if you can carry yourself decently. You need not have to look grand unless you are expected to be that way. Carrying your own stuff will reduce your expenses by at the same time it will also reduce your comfort. So make sure that you carry only that is necessary.

Try camping:

Try Camping

Instead of taking a hotel to stay you can also try out for camping. Camping is one of the best experiences of travelling to different distant destinations. That is why we are asking you to try it out if you haven’t before. Camping, apart from reducing your costs, will also give you a lot of pleasant experience that you wouldn’t have enjoyed otherwise.

Avoid petty food expenses:

We are not asking you to fast. We are simply asking you to carry your own snacks and fulfil your food requirements. You also have to make sure that you are not adding too much of weight to your backpack. But carrying your snack will help you to incur fewer expenses on that. Also, make sure that the snacks you carry are healthy enough and that it doesn’t affect your health while you are travelling.

Try walking:

When you have reached your location and decided a place for you to stay, trying walking if you know that the place is close by or is safe to travel. This way you are not affected by the travelling expenses that you will have to incur. Certain places charge you with unbelievable transportation costs, and that can take a toll on your wallet. Also, walking will give you a better knowledge of the place.

Don’t travel alone:

It is good to explore the place all by yourself, but it is always safe to travel in groups. Unless you know the place or you have visited that place a couple of time before, you cannot be certain of the dangers that might be waiting. That is why we always ask you to move in groups or at least get the help of someone who is well-acquainted with the place and its practices.

Plan well in advance:

This is one thing that most of us are failing to remember. Planning at the eleventh hour can always put you through a lot of trouble. This can affect your ticket bookings, mode of transport, hotel and accommodation. That is why we suggest that you plan well-in-advance and make your trip a problem-free one.