Travelling and exploring is something that all of us love. But caught up between various mundane responsibilities, we forget the idea of touring and having fun. But we are sure if the places are inspiring then you will definitely wait for a chance to visit time. This time when you are planning an outdoor trip do not plan them close to your place. Plan a trip that would cover the globe as we are going to give you such an inspiring list now. These are the 5 best destinations that you have to see before you breathe your last breath.

Cape Town, Africa

You wouldn’t believe if we said that Africa is the first place that has to be on your visit, but then if you see the Cape Town, then you will probably agree with us. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you love the cute aquatic creatures such as dolphins and whales, then it is definitely the Cape Town without any doubt that has to be first on your list. Apart from the fact that the place is beautiful, it also has a lot of historical significance and thereby becomes a must-visit place.

Paris, France

One cannot skip the city of love just like that, especially if you have seen the aerial view of that place. Paris is such a beautiful place, and it shall always be in the top 5 places that you always have to visit, even if you have visited that a million times before. Paris is such an excitement even for the people who live there. Every single day the tourist attraction increases and Paris is perpetually filled with tourists.

Rio De Janerio, Brazil

Rio is quite a city that never settles. You can see people bustling around even during the smallest hours of the days, and that is what makes Brazil one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you wish to tour in a city that never sleeps, then Rio De Janerio is the first place that you have to visit. If at all you are picking the closest date to visit this place, then here is a quick suggestion: Never miss the cable car trip to the Sugarloaf Mountain.


Sydney, Australia:

If there is one place in the world, where there is a proportionate division of land and water, then that definitely has to be Australia. You must have had the opportunity of seeing the place from the aerial and you will know what we are saying. With the summer season closing in, if not now you will never get the chance of seeing the place to the best of its beauty.

Peru, America

How can one skip America, the most successful country in the world? But we are not pointing at the whole of America. All we are asking you to visit is the Machu Picchu, that is located in Peru. It shall be a once in a lifetime trip, and you will always want to see it again and again. That is why we ask you to include it your list of must visit places in the world.